Redeployable Hardware

for Controlled Pedestrian Access

Safeguard Perimeter SolutionsRedeployable Hardware for Controlled Pedestrian Access

Surface Guard system has been designed for the purpose of temporary event protection.

Supplied in individual units, each unit is lightweight and able to be stacked completely flat making transportation very easy. The system is compact, easy to store, light-weight, easy to transport, robust and easy to install.

Installation can be achieved across one standard road width with curbs in just 40 minutes with four men and lifting bars. No fork lift truck assistance in required.


Rapidly deployable fence system

The energy absorbers are designed so that specific force is required to initiate pull on the absorption tape, providing the gentlest arresting system available.

The absorber system can easily be attached concrete pavement, barrier walls, sign trusses, and other suitable restraints.

We focus on Perimeter Protection with an Assured Level of Performance

Safeguard Perimeter Solutions: Create Safe Environments





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