Safeguard Perimeter SolutionsSafeguard Invisible Security

How do we protect the public realm without creating a fear environment?
We combine those who design spaces with those who secure spaces.

With the growth of urbanization there is a desire for multi-purpose and gathering spaces.

We hold dear our neighborhoods, we value our freedoms and infrastructure. With an increase in hostile vehicle instrusions and sometimes just pedal error, we need to rethink how we protect these core values.

There is a need to build protection with designs that resists natural, social, political, and economic challenges.

Visible security measures tend to intimidate people and increase fear.

Let’s schedule an information session and talk about Secure Space Strategies. Let us share our knowledge about crash rating standards (to assist in specifying an assured level of protection) & technologies with a creative design.

We focus on Perimeter Protection with an Assured Level of Performance

Safeguard Perimeter Solutions: Create Safe Environments





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