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Safeguard offers a variety of products and services to satisfy even the most complex event plans. Since our inception into the market, we have been passionate about providing only the best products that meet our vigorous testing requirements. Safeguard is dedicated to being the industry leader is both temporary and permanent protection & event management. 

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Type 1 Barricade

7'6"(L) 3'9"(H)

Type 1 barricade or more formally knows as “Standard Road use Barricade” is the most popular choice for street events in the GTA. This barricade is spec’d by many municipalities, including city of Toronto for use on all road events. It's durability and stability make it a great choice for most events and crowd delineation needs

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Construction Fence

10'(L) 6'(H)

The Heavy Duty construction of this fence is great for when some added security is required. Great for ensuring limited access to sensitive areas like open excavation, crowd restraint. Access gates can be installed for both people and equipment while still maintaining a protected perimeter.                                                                                                        

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2'(W) 3'(H)

The Archer 1200 is the fastest deploying barrier in the industry. Setting up of 9 barriers (protecting a 43 foot area) takes less then 10 Minutes. This product is used world-wide from small street parties, to some of the largest and most secure events createing a physical barrier from vehicles.

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Type 3    Barricade

7'3"(L) 3'10"(H)

Bike Rack style with arch feet. With even less ground clearance required then with paddle feel. This fence is ultra-low profile, while offering the same vials appeal. This fence is great for street applications as it dose not encroach on live lanes.                                                                                                                                                                  

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Barrier  Fence

7'6"(L) 3'9"(H)

With industry leading strength, barrier fence is intended for the toughest jobs or long term projects where safety and protection are imperative. Our concrete barrier fence is used for road work, site perimeters or event protection. With over 5000 lbs of ballast below, it can stand up to the harshest environments.

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Beam Gate

14' - 20'

The Archer Beam Gate is the Go-Too item for most events where vehicles are traveling through pedestrian areas or for an easy access point for emergency vehicles. With a maximum travel area of 20 feet even the largest emergency vehicles can pass through with ease. 

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AODA Barricade

6'(L) 3'2"(H)

These lightweight pedestrian barricades made by industry leader “TrafFix” are a, light weight, durable, and a high visibility way to channel pedestrian through an active work zone.  They are “MASH Tested” and AODA compliant, fit for any application. Customized logos or images, or reflectivity may be applied upon request.

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Yodock Water Barrier

6'(L) 2'8"(H)

Yodock Water filled barriers are a great solution for visual channelization in both vehicle, and crowd situation where MASH certification is required. Our water barriers are light and maneuverable when empty making instillation quick and accurate. 

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